Team Pitzen

  • Mark Moore: Swing Coach

    "Mark Moore is precise and innovative with his teaching methods.  He does not use a cookie cutter mentality/approach while giving lessons.  Mark took my swing and worked with what I had...obviously knowing it wasn't perfect.  I don't want to swing like anyone body shape is different, my athletic ability is not the same, and my experience is not the same.  Mark helped me to find my swing without re-doing it to fit the mold of what people may think of as a "Hank Haney" move.  I can do what I do, only better.   Thanks for making things simple, Mark! "  -  B.J. Pitzen

  • Gary Gray: Trainer

    Gary Gray is the founder of The Gray Institute, which is internationally acclaimed for its innovation, development, mastery, and delivery of Applied Functional Science. Gray and his staff are recruited to consult, analyze, assess, rehabilitate, restore, train, and condition individuals of all levels and abilities, including professional sports. The Gray Institute is the foremost leader of functional prevention, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement in its industry. Pitzen wrote in reference to Gray's expertise, "Gary Gray, Mark Merriman and David Tiberio each have helped me into developing a functional exercise program fit for my golf game. The program attacks my weaknesses and enhances my strengths so that I'm over-programmed to perform functional movements day in and day out during competitive tournament rounds. Thank you Gary and The Gray Institute for your expertise, knowledge and most of all your heart of teaching a dreamer how to live out his dream. Thank you also for your heart for Jesus Christ!"


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  • Mike Shannon: Short-game & Putting Instructor

    Mike Shannon, my short-game/putting instructor from Sea Island, Georgia, has been helping me with my short game since around 2005. Mike has transformed my putting style by getting me to utilize the belly putter. The switch from a conventional to a belly putter has given me more consistency and reliability while standing over putts from 10 feet and in. 
  • Craig Allen: Club Fitter

    Craig Allen has worked with me in getting my equipment tweaked to fit my swing since 2006. Allen makes sure my equipment is working with my swing properly instead of trying to manipulate my swing to fit my equipment. He has also improved my golf swing with tips here and there during our club fitting sessions. 
  • Dr. Morris Pickens: Sports Psychologist

    Dr. Morris Pickens, who also works out of Sea Island, has helped me to develop a process during tournament golf which enables me to work in intervals during a round. He has taught me the importance of attaining hyper focus during the golf shot while learning how to shut down that same focus during the down-time of walking in between shots.

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