• In reference to five previous lessons given over a period of time starting March 29, 2014 through September 2014, Jason Herman (a low handicap amateur) gave the following testimonial by writing: "Before I started working with B.J., my golf game was good, but not great. My re-route in my swing was a big issue, one that I didn't know how to fix on my own. During our lessons, he was quickly able to identify it and provide a solution. We have also made progress on tempo and shortening the swing. B.J. has always made himself readily available to meet up and work on my game. He has really helped my game and I look forward to continue working with him."

    In reference to a swing and short game lesson given to Keith Thomas in the Fall/Winter of 2012, Thomas later wrote to Pitzen in an e-mail:

    "... I took a lesson from you earlier this year. It was just one lesson, but you spent a lot of time with me and really helped. I now have a swing that is much more reliable, consistent and a lot easier to repeat.

    I know a tremendous amount of luck is involved in getting a hole-in-one.  I managed two in the same week not too long after you changed my swing. ...  Even with the necessary luck, I don't think they would have happened without your instruction.  Both shots were good looking all the way.  Nice high iron shots - online all the way.   Both landed near the hole.  The first one trickled in.  The second one took one short hop in.

    I'm up north for the summer, but will probably visit you again in the fall.  

    Thank you.

    Keith Thomas    

    In reference to two previous lessons and a lesson with B.J. Pitzen on Saturday, January 15, 2011, Paul Bulilan wrote:

    "Thank you for effectively teaching me. Because of your patience and effective instructions, I was the Golf Tournament Champion of our PGAM Club held at the Orange Lake Resort at the Legends Course in Orlando. I cannot believe it; I even beat the Class A Champion score. I scored a 97 but because of my 36 (34 +2) handicap, I had a low net score of 61. It was my first time to break a 100 score and I became a champion.....Wow! Up to now I am still on Cloud 9. Though I already learned some golf shots before I met (Pitzen), it was (his) fine corrections of my bad habits and (his) skillful and systematic instructions of my form and swing that made me a CHAMPION in my two years of golfing experience."

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